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Fleeing driver almost strikes cruiser

Police didn't pursue the vehicle for safety reasons, but recognized the driver
Guelph Police Stock 2016

Guelph police continue to investigate after a fleeing driver nearly struck a cruiser early Thursday morning.

Police report that shortly before 1 a.m., officers were writing notes in a parking lot on Waterloo Avenue when they observed a Cadillac drive by at a high rate of speed. Officers caught up to the car as it entered a parking lot on Silvercreek Parkway South and noted the licence plates did not match the vehicle. As officers entered the parking lot the Cadillac sped out, accelerating towards the cruiser before swerving and driving over a curb to exit the lot.

Officers recognized the driver and know him to be a suspended driver. They followed the car for a short distance but did not engage in a pursuit for public safety reasons. A warrant is being sought.