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Friday, November 10, 2017

Police responded to only two collision calls... until weather happened

The following news releases were issued today by the Guelph Police Service:

There were only two reported collisions during the day until the wet snow/rain began to fall later in the afternoon and throughout the evening hours. After that, police responded to eight other collisions.

Winter driving season is upon us and everyone needs to make adjustments to allow for the change in road conditions. Those adjustments need to include some simple steps:

    •    Leave earlier - Give yourself more time to get to where you are going to allow for a slower/longer drive
    •    Slow down - Give yourself more distance to stop when you are following other vehicles
    •    Check to make sure that all your exterior lighting is turned on- not just the running lights which is a default setting for many models of cars.
    •    Properly defrost your all of your vehicle’s windows and clear off any snow before you head out on the road-  Having a little spot to look out your windshield until the rest of the windshield defrosts is an unsafe condition to operate your motor vehicle
    •    Get snow- rated tires on your vehicles – they are specifically engineered to enhance driving performance in winter conditions. They do make a difference.

Calls for service

Over the course of the day on November 9, 2017 the Guelph Police Service responded to 197 calls for service.