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Guelph bike patrol makes parking lot drug bust

Police say the male was observed processing a large quantity of drugs in a parking lot
unnamed (29)

Thursday at 3:23 p.m., members of the Guelph police High Enforcement Action Team were conducting proactive bike patrol downtown. During the patrol, an adult male was observed in a parking lot sitting on a parking barrier facing the wall of a building. Upon approaching the male, it was observed that he was processing a large quantity of drugs on the ground.

Police attempted to arrest the male, however he resisted and during the struggle the male threw a cup of Fentanyl across the parking lot scattering its contents on the ground. Police eventually gained control of the male and he was arrested.

A search incident to arrest revealed:
- 10.9 grams of red fentanyl (valued at $2,725)
- 5.8 grams of crystal methamphetamine (valued at $580)
- 7.2 grams of cocaine (valued at $720)
- 76 Dilaudid pills (valued at $760)
- 8.1 grams of Illicit cannabis (valued at $80)
- 0.3 grams of heroin
- three cell phones
- $38.75 in Canadian currency
- Knife with a 10 cm blade that opened with the assist of a spring
- Multiple pieces of contaminated drug paraphernalia including a weigh scale, 38 dime bags, 34 miniature/small cups and plyers

A 35-year-old Guelph male has been charged with:

- Four counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking schedule I
- Possessing cannabis for the purpose of selling
- Resist peace officer
- Unauthorized possession of weapon
- Carry concealed weapon

He was held in custody pending a bail hearing on Sept. 10.