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Guelph police warn of new 'job offer' scam

Police are warning the public after recent reported incidents
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Guelph police have recently received incidents of job offer scams.

Police say scammers will use advanced tactics to appear legitimate and can create a realistic online presence. They may also use a legitimate business name and slightly alter the email address so they appear legitimate. The scammers generally gather your information from employment websites where you have posted your resume.

Scammers appear very friendly, polite and professional and offer you an interview through various means including email, video chat or a texting app. Shortly after they will award you the job and may ask for things such as your banking information, SIN number, a photo of you and your address details.

They will ask you to use your personal bank account to deposit cheques and then make “payments” to different clients. They state these payments are usually for equipment or supplies for the company or yourself. Once the funds have been transferred from your account the cheques will bounce.

What you should know:

-Legitimate business should not ever ask you to use your own personal bank account for business purposes or transactions with clients.
-Do your research on the company, especially online based companies. Some even have a fraud prevention page on their website. This will provide their legitimate email addresses they use, and other contact information.
-Most legitimate companies will meet with you in person at least one time.
-You should never have to provide your credit card or personal banking information for anything other than direct payroll deposits.
-You should never have to pay to get a job.
-If you do receive a transfer or bank draft, ensure it clears with your bank prior to withdrawing or transferring funds.

If you believe you have been a victim of such a scam, call the Guelph Police Service at 519-824-1212.