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Nearly 13 per cent of Guelph voters cast ballots in advance

General election set for June 2

Guelph voters exceeded the provincial average of advance ballot-casters for the provincial election, preliminary figures show.

There were more than one million advance votes cast across the province during a 10-day period, Elections Ontario stated in a news release, accounting for 9.92 per cent of eligible voting population.

In the Guelph riding, the percentage was 12.71 per cent, a spokesperson said.

“I want to thank all voters who took advantage of 10 days of advance voting, and the staff who continue to help make voting safe, efficient, and secure in Ontario,” said Greg Essensa, chief electoral officer for Elections Ontario, in the release. “For those of you who have not yet cast your ballot, I invite you to come out and vote on election day.” 

During a five-day advance voting period leading up to the 2018 provincial election, 6.8 per cent of eligible Ontario voters cast their ballots.