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A special surprise for Shadi, a trauma therapist with a heart of gold

Whether it be at work or on her own personal time, Shadi Ramez has devoted her life to helping others in our community
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GuelphToday surprises Shadi Ramez with a Random Act of Kindness

Shadi Ramez is a trauma therapist in Guelph who goes above and beyond for her clients, making herself available to those who need her at all hours.

She believes healing happens when people make meaningful connections, so she connects with each client deeply and from her heart.

“She tries to help pretty much anybody that she can,” said her anonymous nominator. “She’s into helping kids, helping people with trauma, anyone who has a hard background.”

Much of the work she does is free of charge or what she calls ‘pay what you can, no questions asked’.

“It bothers me that there are people who need therapy and can’t afford it,” Shadi told GuelphToday. “Why should it be so inaccessible? It is just as important as having a family doctor.”

“She works with asylum seekers, refugees, survivors of sexual abuse, torture, domestic abuse and so much more. She carries their suffering with so much grace and a humble smile and if you ask her how she does it and stays smiling, she says it is an honour and privilege to be able to serve and help,” her nominator told GuelphToday.

She also does research for the United Nations on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and firmly believes that if we build a strong community, even if families are not able to meet their childrens’ emotional and physical needs, with the proper preventative supports in place, children will do well and we will need less legal and criminal justice intervention down the road.

Outside of work, she is always doing small, random acts of kindness herself to make others smile and feel cared for and loved. From taking part in community events, to giving to local charities and raising money for those in need, Guelphites are lucky to have someone as special as Shadi looking out for them.

We decided to pay it forward to Shadi by surprising her with a special local gift card package.

“I am so humbled and beyond grateful,” Shadi told GuelphToday. “I am donating the gifts I got in an effort to pay it forward. I’m extremely grateful.”

Thank you to our generous sponsors, Downtown Guelph Business Association, Janus Book Store, Planet Bean and Wise Crescent Inc. for making this Random Act of Kindness possible.

Our nomination form is always open to nominate someone in the community who selflessly gives of themselves despite challenges or hardships, is positive in the face of adversity, or is just plain extraordinary and deserves a special surprise.

If you would like to support our Random Acts of Kindness program, please email [email protected].