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Congrats, Guelph National Games athletes

They brought home 20 national medals
2018-08-14 Guelph National Games athletes
Photo provided

A special thank you for sponsoring our 13 Guelph athletes at the recent National Games in Antigonish, Nova Scotia!
All the athletes gave their absolute very best every day in 90 degree weather. They were great ambassadors for Team Ontario. They brought home 20 national medals (six gold, four silver, and 10 bronze).
Final results:


    •    Jenn Allen (three gold and one silver)
    •    Marc Richardson (one silver and one bronze)

Track and Field

    •    Eva Bell (one gold and two silver)
    •    Taylor Redmond (two bronze)


    •    Nathan Riley (one gold) and Mackenzie DeJonge (one gold) playing for Ontario #2 (Mississauga)
    •    Andrew and Paul Mctaggart, Austin Norton, Jesse Meatte, Sheldon Riley, Barry Berger, and Morgan Fay (seven bronze) playing on Ontario #1

Congratulations to the Guelph coaches, also Lori Savage, Camille Gardiner, Chris Matteis, Dario Direnzo, and Brian O`Donnell.