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4 Ways to tighten your skin (including one that is NEW to Canada!)

Be the first to know about the latest technology arriving in Guelph

Story written by Jane Watson, Owner & Business Director at ArtMed.

The medical laser aestheticians, nurses, and doctors at my clinic are artists, and their primary focus is the health and vibrancy of your skin – the canvas on which they work. Part of my job as one of the owners, is to keep these artists well stocked with the best materials and tools so they can help our clients achieve their aesthetic goals.

One of the concerns raised most often by our clients? Treatments for sagging skin! Do you look in the mirror and pull back your cheeks? Do you wonder what can be done to minimize the loosening skin that seems to gather at your jawline and neck? Here are the tools and treatments we recommend most – and I’ve tried them all (but one!)

1. SofWave™ Ultrasound – NEW to Canada


SofWave™ is ground-breaking technology and ArtMed in Guelph is one of the first 5 clinics in Canada to offer this amazing treatment.  SofWave™ is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that is Health Canada approved to lift the eyebrows, tighten, and lift tissue on the face, jawline, neck and under the chin, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ultrasound technology for skin tightening has existed for years (e.g., Ultherapy) but treatments were long and painful, to the point that most people who experienced it wouldn’t do it again. SofWave™ on the other hand is fast, significantly less painful and has no downtime. It uses proprietary synchronous ultrasound technology to specifically heat the tissue of the mid dermis, which triggers the body's healing response and stimulates new collagen production. Most people only need a single treatment session to see an improvement, though as with similar treatments that rely on new collagen growth, results can take up to three months to appear.

Having tried it myself, I can say with certainty that this is and will be my regular procedure of choice going forward for the treatment and prevention of skin laxity.

2. InstaLift Threads


A thread lift treatment is a type of in-office minor surgical procedure that employs special sutures to lift sagging skin and simultaneously encourages collagen and fibrin production in the treatment area. Thread lifts have been used for approximately 20 years and over that time the process and threads have been continually refined and improved. Health Canada approved Silhouette InstaLift threads are placed under the skin and lifted into place; micro cones along the length of the thread secure the lifted skin into a higher position. InstaLift provides immediate improvement for sagging cheeks and folds around the mouth. I’m personally not a candidate for this treatment (yet!) but when the time comes – I'm in! The results I have seen in clinic are outstanding.

3. Thermage Radio Frequency


Thermage is a non-invasive radiofrequency therapy which is ideal for individuals with early signs of sagging skin (age 40s to early 60s depending on skin condition and overall health). Thermage utilizes radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat the skin’s dermis thereby stimulating collagen production. Thermage has no downtime, can firm up the skin and provide a modest lifting effect. It is an excellent option for those seeking a preventative treatment as well.

A yearly Thermage has been shown to significantly slowed the appearance of aging which is why it has been my personal choice for the last eight years. I have both loved it and hated it – loved the results, hated the treatment. It has a higher Ouch! factor than other non-invasive treatments I have done, but like many things in life…no pain, no gain. So, I have done Thermage every 18-24 months, however the newest technology, SofWave™ - #1 on this list, will be my new choice for overall skin tightening going forward. But Thermage is still the only treatment that can be used specifically for eyelid tightening and still offers a great result for the eye area.

4. Skin Care Products

Skin care products alone will not provide a lifting result although many claim to! However, high-quality pharmaceutical skin care products used regularly will support collagen and elastin production, off-set the damaging effect of the sun and slow the aging process. If you skin is thin and damaged, this must be addressed first. Professional quality skin care products, with a high concentration of scientifically proven active ingredients and high-tech delivery systems work synergistically with nonsurgical interventional procedures to achieve optimal results which is why it is on my list - they go hand in hand. You really cannot do one without the other!

While none of these options offer the same level of lifting and smoothing as a more invasive procedure like a surgical facelift, they do offer a more affordable, gentler approach to treatment than can easily be worked into a health and wellness routine. I know they will continue to be part of mine!

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