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Anthony Homes discusses the importance of investing in quality

James and Carol Anthony talk about attention to detail and the unique approach their team brings each project
GUE Spotlight image_Anthony Homes_Feb 2021
Exhibition Park - Custom Build by Anthony Homes (Supplied photo)

As people in southwest Ontario stayed home more during the pandemic, the way they viewed their homes began to change. For some, the ability to work remotely on a more permanent basis meant converting a room to a home office. For others, it meant moving to a different location and finally building that dream home because being close to work was no longer necessary. For many, improving the home to be more functional and enjoyable was top-of-mind. No matter why you want to renovate, upgrade, or move, you need the right builder to ensure top quality and a result of which you can be proud. Anthony Homes delivers the quality and peace of mind you need during your build or renovation.

Founded by James and Carolyn Anthony, this duo brings more than two decades of residential construction experience and offers services that range from full custom builds to renovations in projects of all sizes. Whether you are building your ultimate dream home or renovating the downstairs bathroom, Anthony Homes promises a luxury experience from start to finish.

What does this luxury experience entail? According to James, it’s all about providing top quality for you, the customer.

“When we started the company, I wanted to spend less time on the conventional method of quantity so we could focus on quality,” he says. “What sets us apart is our attention to detail, and the fact that we don’t nickel and dime on projects. I rely on tradespeople that I have used for many years because I can rely on their top quality work and the relationships we have built with them over the years. At times we bring in trades from other towns because they are known for their signature quality. That is part of our design aspect – to always produce the best product possible.”

While many are using the pandemic to re-imagine their homes, James reminds homeowners that if selling is the end goal, renovating the bathrooms and kitchen bring the highest resale value. He also reminds people on what to look for in a quality contractor.

“Avoid contractors looking to cut corners. Cutting corners equals poor quality and when buyers are looking to purchase, they are looking for and notice quality craftsmanship.”

With the value of homes in the area on the rise and with families spending more time working, learning, and entertaining from home, Anthony Homes is pleased to be a top-quality, reliable, quality-focused contractor for all your custom building and renovation needs.

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