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Arrange a custom build to get the dream home you’ve always wanted

Anthony Homes offers unmatched expertise and unlimited choices

Imagine moving into a home where everything is perfectly, wonderfully brand new (No shag carpet to replace? Okay!). Where the kitchen counters are designed exactly for the height of the people using them (no more stools or bending over to chop veggies? Sure!). Walk-in closets that are custom-built for exactly what will go in them (need a huge cabinet just for that concert tee collection? No problem!).

For many people, tearing down a home or buying a plot of land and letting their imagination run free to build their own dream home from the ground up seems unreachable. James Anthony aims to make those dreams come true.

As the owner of Anthony Homes, James has spent a lifetime in the construction and home building industry, and the first thing he wants potential clients to know is the importance to him and his wife and business partner Carolyn Anthony of working directly with their clients to help them bring their dreams to life.

“When you hire us for your custom build, you’re not dealing with sales representatives you only see on day one, or project managers who come and go,” says James.

“We deal directly with our clients on a daily basis to ensure they have peace of mind. This is something that people don’t do more than once in their life, so it’s a massive undertaking. We’re there to explain things, make sure everything is going according to plan, ensure there are reliable tradespeople doing the work. We run a tight ship, and our customers know what to expect through the entire process.”

In addition to new builds, Anthony Homes helps renovation dreams come true, too.

Whether clients are looking at a massive update to an older home or a complete build from scratch, James says the process of completing a custom renovation starts in the same way.

“The first step to any project is scheduling a detailed in-person consultation at the property in question,” he says. “It’s important to us that we fully understand every goal or idea, however small they may seem. I sit and listen. I ask a ton of questions. I offer ideas and suggestions. Most people come to me with some kind of plan of what they’d like. I take their thoughts and ideas and try to show them where the value is in what they’re proposing. I also try to guide them into something that makes sense, bringing all those ideas together into a plan that’s the highest quality possible, and designed just for them.”

The biggest advantage of dealing with a custom builder is the endless options, says Carolyn. If you’re buying a home that’s part of a subdivision development, you may be offered some limited choices to customize things like taps, flooring or lighting. She says there are no limitations placed on clients who work with Anthony Homes to build their dream home. The company taps into its extensive network to fulfill any requirement.

“Because we are fully custom builders, we really try to accommodate everything our client wants,” she said. “The sky is the limit. We’ll work with you on anything. When you buy a house from us, you’re not getting four choices of flooring, four choices of tile. You’ve really got an open book as to what you want to see inside your home and what direction you want to take with things.”

Whether that means net-zero construction, independent temperature control on all floors, in-floor heating, electric blinds, or perhaps even a bowling alley, James says his company stays on top of the latest trends in design, materials, and décor.

Regardless of what company you choose for your custom build, however, James offers this piece of advice.

“A lot of people go into the process blind. Be sure you’ve done some research. Go out there and find somebody that you trust. I would also urge people to not just go for the bottom dollar option.”

To arrange your own consultation, connect with Anthony Homes by calling 1.519.546.4642 or email them at