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Break out the compression socks! Get cozy and feel great

The clinic manager of BioPed Guelph explains how the right type of sock can help people of all walks of life

Fall is here and cozy socks are replacing sandals across the city. It is the time of year when many people are returning to their compression socks to once again experience how great their socks make their feet and legs feel.

Meghan Knox, a Canadian Certified Pedorthist as well as the clinic manager of BioPed Guelph, says that compression socks are quite helpful for people for a number of reasons including for treating health issues, supporting an active lifestyle, and helping to reduce foot and leg fatigue.

How Compression Socks Work

Compression socks are designed to apply pressure to the feet in order to increase blood flow. The socks are available in different grades of compression. Some grades are available over the counter while the higher grades of compression require a prescription. The foot care specialists at BioPed can assess your needs and prescribe the right type.

“We are happy to book anyone an appointment to prescribe the proper level of compression and to measure for the best fit,” says Meghan.

Traditionally, compression socks have been used to treat medical issues like varicose veins and lymphoedema, though many people are finding that they also help to support different lifestyles. Individuals who stand or sit for long periods of time may feel less foot and leg fatigue when they wear compression socks daily.

Compression Socks for Athletes

Athletes of all types, including winter athletes, may also find benefit from wearing compression socks. Many active individuals experience less soreness and increased endurance with the right type of compression. BioPed carries a range of athletic compression socks that are designed for a number of different sports including skiing, hiking, and running.

“The efficacy, or how the compression socks work, is the same no matter which type of sock you choose,” explains Meghan. “Many highly active individuals use compression socks because they reduce the lactic acid buildup on the muscles. These socks also reduce heaviness in the lower leg as well as reduce fatigue.”

Functional and Fashionable

Whether you are looking for new athletic socks, need compression socks at the office, or want something cozy and supportive for staying home, there is a style for you. These days, compression socks come in a huge range of styles, thicknesses, and colours. Visit BioPed at 102 Wyndham Street North in Guelph to check out their selection.

To learn more about compression socks, visit BioPed’s informative blog. For more information or to book an assessment appointment, call the clinic at (519) 821-7310.