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Collaborative programs providing pain relief for Guelphites

Guelph Rehab Centre's headache, migraine and back pain programs take unique, comprehensive approach to treatment
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Guelph Rehab Centre founders and veteran clinicians Dave Ursomarzo and Frank DeStefano

Since Guelph Rehab Centre opened in 2015, there is no surprise they have quadrupled the number of patients and treatments they provide and doubled their healthcare team.  Patients and Doctors have quickly realised their uniquely collaborative approach to Neuromuscular physical rehabilitation has provided efficient and lasting results and are truly a “patient-centred” facility. 

For clinic founders and veteran clinicians Dave Ursomarzo and Frank DeStefano, they have spent their working careers developing and executing their vision of patient-centred programs of care, including their special focus on Headaches/Migraines and Back Pain. The collaborative healthcare team uses leading-edge treatment technology and sound evidence-based rehabilitation methods to help get you back to the activities you love, in a timely fashion.  

Simply put, what they do and how they do it works.

The treatment programs are at the heart of the centre’s philosophy of patient care. “We offer ourselves as a comprehensive rehabilitation centre,” Dave explains. “We are program based and our most utilized program is our Headache/Migraine Program mainly because it is the most comprehensive in the city.”  

They have had great success and many specialists refer their patients to this program even after the patient has been unsuccessful with traditional approaches. “We get results, and fast. Our passion for resolving headaches and migraines along with our vast experience and unique approach, unlike any other in the area, is why we are so successful,” Frank explains. They have modelled this approach to all their other programs and the results are a success.

Guelph Rehab Centre’s continuing goal is to transform the culture of private rehabilitative healthcare and the current model of how it is delivered. “As multiple practitioners working in tandem, we constantly discuss treatment plans, rather than working as separate healthcare professionals who don't get the opportunity to formulate a shared treatment plan,” the duo concur.

Dave offers over 25 years’ experience in healthcare rehabilitation, 14 years in rehabilitation management within a Toronto hospital, where he ran a large therapy department and developed programs for musculoskeletal and neuromuscular injuries.  Has volunteered his time on various hospital advisory committees in Toronto and has taught several clinical subjects at many GTA colleges.

Frank is a 25+ year Registered Massage Therapist. Born and raised in Guelph, he is known in the Guelph medical community for his expertise in successfully treating headaches/migraines and nerve entrapment pain. He is certified in full body and nerve entrapment ART (Active Release Technique). Frank has previously served as the director of risk management on the Guelph Minor Hockey Board, as well as volunteering his time as a head coach for Guelph Minor Hockey.

It should be no surprise to learn that Dave and Frank have attracted some of the most experienced therapists in the area to work alongside them. Their collaborative style means that they work together as your personal healthcare team. They also ensure that they work with your family physician and/or specialist. “After years of experience, we’ve learned that a truly collaborative approach reaps better-organized, more effective and faster patient results,” Dave and Frank comment.

Whether you require A.R.T., Shockwave, manual techniques, medical acupuncture, laser, spinal decompression, an active care program, or any other of the centre’s state-of-the-art services and equipment, you are assured of receiving the best combination of treatment and modalities you need without being charged a premium. “This is because the techniques and technology we employ are part of your tailored treatment program to meet your needs,” Dave and Frank explain.

“In turn, fewer resources from healthcare benefits packages are utilized and patients, instead, can receive more essential treatment.” Know also that at Guelph Rehab Centre, services are covered by most extended insurance plans. They also accept Auto and WSIB Insurance claims. For your convenience, Guelph Rehab Centre offers direct billing to your insurance provider and complimentary Rehab Management & Consultation.  Whether you have a doctor’s referral or you refer yourself, when you call to book, you will quickly discover a welcoming and warm atmosphere. 

The team believes strongly in offering timely and accessible healthcare. You will be seen within 24 hours or less and a doctor referral is not required. 

Call Guelph Rehab Centre for more information on how you can receive their successful programs and start living a pain-free life.
Guelph Rehab Centre is located at 85 Norfolk Street, Suite 105. To make an appointment or for more information, call 519-265-7343, email, or visit their detailed website at HOURS: Monday to Thursday: 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.