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Have a few stubborn pounds? AFYA's Evolve system is a perfect solution

It is ideal for spots that don't respond well to a healthy diet and exercise

As swimsuit season looms ever closer, many are focusing on fitness to work off the winter weight or finally be rid of those stubborn “Covid-19 pounds”. Exercise and nutrition are important of course, but may not be enough to target specific areas on the body. That’s where Evolve Body Contouring at AFYA Skin & Body in Guelph can help.

Evolve targets and destroys fat cells on the body, and is especially useful for targeting stubborn areas that don’t respond favorably to diet and exercise. Best of all, says AFYA brand manager Sarah Tennent, “The Evolve system is safe, non-invasive, and has no pain which means, zero downtime.”

The three-stage Evolve body contouring system uses heat and radio frequency to contour the body by safely “melting away” fat cells. This non-invasive fat loss treatment program involves a series of sessions, administered by AFYA’s on-staff nurses who are body contouring experts. There are three specialized treatments which, when used together, deliver optimal results:

  • TRIM: The first stage is to TRIM the body. This technology uses radio frequency and heat to destroy unwanted fat tissue while the radio frequency increases the density of the skin, tightening it for a more contoured figure. This is especially effective for breaking down stubborn fatty deposits, and the strands of tissue that create the ‘dimpling’ appearance commonly known as cellulite.
  • TITE: The second stage is to TITEn the skin. As we shed fat on our body, the skin needs to be encouraged to shrink with the newly trimmed body. TITE uses radio frequency and heat that targets the upper layer of our skin to gently encourage our body to produce collagen and elastin (the building blocks of tight and smooth skin). TITE can be used with TRIM or by itself for clients looking to strengthen and tighten their skin.
  • TONE: The third stage is to TONE the body’s muscles. Imagine gaining six-pack abs or a tighter, lifted tush without the repetitive and strenuous workouts. TONE makes it happen by using electronic muscle stimulation. “We create muscle growth and target areas like the abs and butt,” explains Tennent. “One hour, once a week. It’s like you’re getting a workout while you watch Netflix, work on your laptop or just relax.” TONE works wonders!

The Evolve system helps common issues like hormonal belly, menopausal weight gain, spot reduction, cellulite and postpartum skin tightening and is especially effective for reducing fat on targeted areas, something that Tennent advised will not be achieved through exercise. “You cannot spot-reduce in the gym. When you’re in a calorie deficit and working out, you’ll have overall fat loss, but with a program like this you can target specific areas that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. It really is a dream come true.”

EVOLVE treatments allow your body to do the work. Results start to be seen anywhere from 6-18 weeks after treatment. The body needs to go through the natural process of shrinking or expelling those cells, which may take up to twelve weeks. When our bodies do the work the results are long lasting. Clients love that their inches melt away with no downtime or having to explain themselves to family and friends. Those seeking more immediate gratification can watch for AFYA’s new Body Contouring program launching soon. Details remain under wraps, but Sarah hints that it will incorporate nutritious meals in tandem with the Evolve treatment program. “Customers will see immediate results from the nutrition program then in a few months, enjoy results from the body contouring as well.”

Watch for details on the enhanced program coming soon, and contact AFYA Skin and Body to book a personal consultation today.

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