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Home with good energy, great bones a calming escape

Private, fully landscaped perennial yard the perfect low-maintenance garden oasis

If you’re looking for a cookie cutter house, 56 Freshmeadow Way likely isn’t for you.

The two-storey, three-bedroom home with great curb appeal is approximately 1,450 square feet. It’s surrounded by extensive low-maintenance gardens, a labour of love self-taught gardener Deb Scott built on her own. “I call it my therapy,” she says.

The gardens are really a tour de force. Scott has lived in the home for 26 years, but when she first moved in the yard was a plain palette. “There was nothing here, just a hill with all grass.” She imported all the rock herself, collecting and placing every stone by hand, building the gardens and creating Secret Garden-inspired pathways throughout. 

The yard is practically a nursery, with every kind of plant represented. Scott has planned the garden oasis to ensure a continuous bloom of colour every season with very little maintenance. “It’s like looking out at a picture,” she says. You’ll also find texture, airiness, flow and movement—all in the service of creating good energy. It’s no surprise to learn Scott has studied feng shui. 

The backyard is private, gorgeously landscaped and with mature trees. If you’re sitting, looking out, you can’t see another house. The hill actually creates a microclimate, so things that would typically not grow there do, because it’s protected. There is plenty of room still for a play zone or a waterfall to be added.

“The gardens are an extension of my living space,” says Scott. “They’re just so therapeutic.”

The front porch is the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine in the evenings, to catch up with the neighbours and exchange greetings with passersby—who often share compliments on the gardens. “The backyard is your private oasis and the front yard is your entertaining, community space,” she says. 

Inside the home, the kitchen and main bathroom have been updated. Scott loves to bring the outdoors in, so there’s a lot of texture on the walls and many natural elements used in the decor, materials like rocks and stonework. 

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Everyone who visits comments the home’s good bones and good energy. “That’s truly the way it feels,” says Scott, “it’s a safe haven.”

For those who love the sun, the house also has great exposure. It shines on the back deck in the morning and moves through the backyard during the day. Midday you can enjoy some sun on the front porch. Such perfect positioning offers a few unexpected perks, like being one of those properties where, in wintertime, the ice always melts off your driveway first.

The neighbourhood is fantastic, she says. You’re close to everything but off the main highway. Freshmeadow Way is a really long, curved street so the only people accessing it are the people who live here. It’s a quiet street in a mature neighbourhood, where you don’t often see houses coming up for sale. 

“Everyone around me is now retired as well, but there are some nice young families who have moved in,” she says. “You see a great community of kids in the neighbourhood so it’s transitioning back to where it was when I moved in. I just love it here and I hope someone else does too.”

There are separate and public schools in close proximity. You’re also within walking distance of Costco and Zehrs. All of the amenities you might need are close at hand—restaurants, banks, gas stations, Tim Horton’s, a pet store and an LCBO.

Best of all? With these stunning gardens, and without any grass, you don’t need a lawnmower.

For more information visit Nick FitzGibbon’s Let’s Talk Real Estate, view the listing here, or call 519-821-3600.

This Content is made possible by our Sponsor; it is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff.