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How one Guelph catering company is helping families celebrate life

The shift from funerals to celebrations
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Losing a loved one is never easy and the pandemic has not made it any easier. 

In fact, due to the ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings, planning a funeral or celebration of life can be frustrating and challenging. Typically, when someone passes away, it’s fitting to host friends and family for a reception, either before or after a service. But gathering people during a pandemic is difficult to do, especially when there is food involved. Thankfully, catering companies are working hard to help to make this part of the process a little less stressful for families. Local catering company Jesse’s on the Green/The Guelph Country Club is ready to help families plan a memorable celebration of life.

What is the difference between a funeral and a celebration of life?

Just as the wedding industry has evolved, the way people are mourning a person’s death has changed too. There are still many who prefer to hold traditional funerals and burials, and that’s okay. But a celebration of life might appeal to those who prefer to have a less sombre event and remember their loved one through smiles, bright colours, music, photos and good food. 

An experienced and reputable catering company can help plan a memorable celebration of life.

When is it appropriate to host a celebration of life?

Typically, a celebration of life is held after a person has been buried or cremated. It can happen a few days after someone has passed away or at a later date. There is no right or wrong here – it all depends on the family’s comfort level and readiness to ‘celebrate’ the life of their loved one. When the time is right, however, contacting a catering company can help alleviate some of the pressure of planning an event.

Is it appropriate to offer food at a celebration of life?

Food has always brought people together. Not only does it provide nourishment, but it makes most people feel good. When deciding on what to serve at a celebration of life, think about your guests. Are they young, old or a bit of both? Will there be a theme? At this time, it’s especially important to think about COVID-19 food regulations. Cue Jesse’s on the Green/The Guelph Country Club, who has been in operation since 1912. They are a suitable and appropriate venue to host a celebration of life.

How can a catering company help plan a celebration of life?

Jesse’s on the Green/The Guelph Country Club Director of Hospitality Rod Pollock says, “It’s important to realize that our clients might be distraught over the loss of a loved one and therefore unfamiliar with what steps to take first. I like to assure them they are in good hands. For first-time clients, we are precise and clear on procedures for a celebration of life. We really focus on leaving the client with the comfort that this particular aspect of the celebration is taken care of so they can concentrate on what’s important - remembering their loved one.”

Jesse’s on the Green/The Guelph Country Club can assist with planning both small and large gatherings, based on current COVID-19 provincial guidelines. They follow necessary safety protocols and have appropriate measures in place such as hand sanitizer at each table and ensuring guests are spaced apart by at least 2 metres. If necessary, they will also provide easels (both floor and tabletop), overhead projectors, plug and play A/V and road signage for ease of location. Their pricing includes everything, so families don’t have to worry.

For further details, visit the country club’s website. Ready to start planning a celebration of life? Please contact Rod Pollock by e-mail or calling 519.824.2741.