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How to choose the right therapy and therapist for your physical healthcare needs

Local centre says collaborative programs of care is a game-changer

You find yourself dealing with pain and/or dysfunction that is new or has been around for a while. There are a variety of effective therapies to access and even more healthcare professionals to choose from. There’s physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, ART (active release techniques), acupuncture, pelvic floor therapy, and the list goes on.

So how do you choose a therapy or therapist for your physical healthcare needs? To make matters confusing, every therapist may have a specific treatment focus based on their skill set, besides the regular type of therapy they provide (i.e. physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, etc.). Let’s kick it up a few more confusing notches by saying your choice of therapy or therapist also depends on what your issue is because, as we mentioned, there are varying specialities a therapist may possess.

There are many experienced therapists out there that can certainly assist with your healthcare needs, however, more people have been seeking new or different therapists and therapies because they’ve not fully recovered from their pain or dysfunction. Often they will go to multidisciplinary clinics (clinics that provide many therapies) and receive more than one type of therapy. This is certainly an improvement overseeing just one therapist, however, it is often disjointed as many therapists tend to work in their own silos because they are merely working within a shared clinical space. The multidisciplinary clinic setup seems like there is a team approach but far too often the only benefit for you is a one-stop-shop making it convenient to go to one place but it isn’t always the best for your health outcomes. 

Well, Guelph Rehab Centre’s Collaborative Programs of Care approach is a game-changer.

They’ve put together a team of healthcare professionals with a focus on back care, headaches & migraines, nerve entrapments, and musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. They’ve transformed the multidisciplinary setup and incorporated a Program-of-Care model that ensures patient-centred care is the priority. 

Their unique approach changes the usual rehabilitation clinic business model in such a way that therapists are no longer focused on their daily patient volumes. Rather, they can focus on patient outcomes and collaborate with other therapists through a shared treatment protocol. This coordinated treatment approach eliminates redundancy in treatment, ensures treatment cost efficiencies, and most importantly, maximizes patient outcomes so you can enjoy living pain-free faster! They have also implemented a one-on-one approach to physiotherapy treatments, so you won’t be seen by an assistant and will have full treatment time with your physiotherapist.

Guelph Rehab Centre is located downtown with ample street parking, however, they also validate parking should you pay at one of the nearby public lots. For your added convenience, Guelph Rehab Centre can bill your extended healthcare insurance directly and services motor vehicle injuries (auto ins.) and work injuries (WSIB).

For more information on Guelph Rehab Centre services and Programs of Care, please visit or call us at (519) 265-7343.