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Is it time to get your hearing tested?

Jennifer Steffler of Steffler Hearing Aid Service explains hearing loss and when to know if you need your hearing tested.

Hearing loss is incredibly common. In fact, the majority of Canadians who are over 70 years old experience some degree of hearing loss, though it can be a problem for anyone. There are a number of causes, including noise exposure, certain medications, chronic health conditions, and aging.

According to Jennifer Steffler, Hearing Instrument Specialists and owner of Steffler Hearing Aid Service, untreated hearing loss can lead to feelings of social isolation, anxiety, and even depression.

“Hearing loss can affect all ages for various reasons. If you suspect that you may have some hearing loss, the sooner you have an assessment, the sooner a treatment plan can be implemented,” she explains.

Common Signs of Hearing Loss

Noticing one’s own hearing loss can be tricky, but there are a few common signs to look for:

  • Turning up the television, radio, or telephone louder than you used to
  • Finding that you are needing people to repeat themselves more often
  • You have to concentrate harder to hear
  • You have ringing in your ears
  • One ear hears better than the other
  • You are feeling isolated from others
  • Other people seem to be mumbling a lot
  • You have more frequent misunderstanding during conversations

Since hearing loss is often gradual, it is common for individuals not to notice that their ability to hear clearly is declining. It is frequently up to their loved ones to point it out.

“People often come in for an assessment under the pressure of family members or friends close to them. If others around you are noticing that you are having difficulty hearing, then it is a good indication that you should look at getting a hearing test,” says Jennifer.

What to Expect at a Hearing Test

Fortunately, hearing tests are not difficult. Jennifer, who has been in the industry since 1999 and loves to help her clients, says that it is as simple as booking an appointment at her clinic.

“A full assessment will test various parts of the auditory pathways, including the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear, in order to determine what type of hearing loss you have and to plan the next steps. We also include speech testing in the assessment,” she says. “Occasionally, there will be a referral for further medical intervention if needed.”

Jennifer continues, “For hearing losses that cannot be corrected, we look at the use of hearing aids as part of a rehabilitation program to improve communication.” Her clinic provides full hearing aid services including fittings and repairs. They carry a variety of choices from various manufacturers so they can offer the right device depending on each individual’s hearing, their lifestyle, and their budget.

Steffler Hearing Aid Service is a family owned and operated business that has been providing Guelph residents with personalized hearing solutions since 1992.

For more information about hearing loss or to schedule an appointment to have your hearing tested, contact them at (519) 823-8235 or visit them online.

Steffler Hearing Aid Service is located at 200 Yorkshire St. N.