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Knee and ankle bracing can help people to stay active

The Clinic Manager of BioPed in Guelph discusses how braces can relieve pain and discomfort for some common issues

Knee and ankle pain can hold people back from enjoying active and healthy lifestyles.

Whether the discomfort stems from an injury or a chronic condition, it can become a significant barrier for many people. The good news is that lower limb bracing can help to ease the pain and discomfort that many people experience.

Bracing can assist with a variety of diagnosis

Braces are often used to treat conditions like arthritis, sports injuries like Patallafemoral Pain syndrome (aka Runner’s Knee), and some childhood growth plate conditions. According to Meghan Knox, Certified Pedorthist and the Clinic Manager of BioPed’s Guelph location, the results can be life-changing.

“The research behind the benefits of bracing is huge. Braces can give people their mobility back without having surgery,” she says.

A variety of braces available

Lower limb braces come in a variety of custom and non-custom designs. They can help with knee, leg, ankle, or foot issues. Some are meant to be worn while playing a sport, while others are suitable for everyday life. The severity of the injury or condition also determines what type of brace is the most suitable.

Meghan encourages anyone who is experiencing lower limb pain to seek professional advice and avoid diagnosing themselves. “The first step is to have a lower limb assessment done. We need to find out where the problem is, see if we need imaging, and then assess what we can do to help,” Meghan advises.

“At BioPed, we have a lot of different options and our pedorthists can recommend the best care for each individual. Sometimes we need to do custom braces and sometimes we use over the counter. Pull on compression braces may help, but it depends on what it is needed for.”

Cutting edge technology

Brace technology has progressed a lot. They have become more compact, lightweight, and better fitting. BioPed offers some of the most innovative custom and non-custom knee and ankle braces available including the Evoke brace, which is the world’s first SLS 3D printed custom unloader knee brace.

To schedule a free lower-limb assessment with one of BioPed’s certified pedorthists, call (519) 821-7310 or visit them online.

BioPed’s newly renovated clinic and storefront is located at 102 Wyndham Street North in Guelph.