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Local dentist hosts annual free dentistry day to help community members in need

Bisson Dentistry is on a mission to fill the gaps and ensure quality dental care for all

Bisson Dentistry is on a mission to help everyone in Guelph smile with confidence, and this mission extends beyond general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. In addition to award winning service, Dr. Bisson and his team host an annual free dentistry day.

“We wanted our event to have a unique, local focus,” says Jennifer Dunsmoor, Community Leader. “To promote the day we source all our t-shirts, pins, banners, pens, etc. from local businesses.”

When Bisson Dentistry launched free dentistry day, they thought they would be helping the underserved population. While the underserved are assisted by the program, the team quickly realized that much of need was from seniors on a fixed income, parents that prioritize their children’s dental care over their own and those working without benefits or money left over after bills for dental care.

“Our eyes were opened – dental care can become low priority with other day-to-day expenses,” says Jennifer. “Bisson Dentistry aims to efficiently fill the gap for young families, seniors, entrepreneurs and more. Our free dental event is open to anyone without dental insurance that is in need of quality dental care.

But they don’t plan to stop there.

Bisson Dentistry is working hard to create a movement where every dental office in Guelph hosts a free dentistry day to reach as many in need as possible.

Free dentistry day is just one of the many ways Bisson gives back to the community. Additionally, the first exam for new patients is complimentary.

Jennifer explains, “Our fees are based on the guidance of the Ontario Dental Association and they suggest patient exams at $157. To help out the community, we waive the first patient exam fee for new clients.

Bisson Dentistry has another fundraiser coming up that will run through April and May. This one will raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. Stay tuned to their website and social media for details.

Outside of the dental office’s many giving-back initiatives, customer care is always top of mind. A variety of routine and specialized services means a one-stop location for dental care. This extends to same-day crowns and bridges, thanks to an on-site lab. Orthodontics, implants and more – everything you need is done on site.

On behalf of Dr. Bisson and the entire team, a big thank you is expressed to the clients. “The more we grow the more we are able to give back,” Jennifer concludes.

Bisson Dentistry lives its values every day of being a community leader in client experience, generosity and team culture. Learn more at by clicking today.