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Love your new neighbourhood as much as your house

When house-hunting, consider an area’s amenities, charm too
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When we’re ready to move, we give a lot of thought to the house itself, but do we think as much about the neighbourhood?

We should, says Andra Arnold, a top real estate agent in Guelph.

“I think it's imperative that people understand the neighbourhoods they are looking in. It's not just about the house when searching for a home,” she says. “You need to know what the neighbourhood has to offer and what kind of vibe it gives off.”

To help, Arnold breaks down what you can expect to find in some of Guelph’s different residential neighbourhoods.

The South End is located south of Kortright. “For the longest time, the South End was deemed more desirable as it was closer to the highway, however, the charm and established roots of the older neighbourhoods is not there,” explains the real estate agent. It definitely has a more suburban feel, as does the North End.

Another important factor to consider before choosing a neighbourhood? The demographics. If you have young children, ideally you want to buy in an area full of other young families like yours. The South End is home to mostly young and mid-aged families and has a great community vibe. There are countless amenities available, including several franchise stores and restaurants, so it is very convenient.

The Kortright area is a bit more established, with lovely parks to enjoy. You are close enough here to the university that if you are in school or happen to work on campus this is an ideal location.

Old University is within walking distance of both the university and downtown. It’s also much more eclectic; you may find a professor living next door to a house full of students. This area boasts larger lots, lovely tall trees and access to the rivers.

Sunny Acres/Junction has a hipper kind of feel. There’s an amazing community park here, as well as lots of young families. You are within walking distance of everything you could possibly need.

Downtown/Exhibition Park is one of the oldest and most established neighbourhoods. It has larger homes that are extremely sought after.

“Knowing the neighbourhood is so important as you want your clients to feel at home inside and outside of their front door,” says Arnold. “It should be a place where, if they choose to, they can connect with their community and feel they belong.”

Sometimes clients actually choose the neighbourhood before they choose a house. This could be based on proximity to a certain school, family, or the fact that they love the feel of a particular area.

This neighbourhood breakdown really just scratches the surface; Arnold hasn’t even talked about condo living yet. Stay tuned for more!

Andra Arnold can be reached at 519-766-6041 or via email at