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Pre-planned funerals: What they are and why they are so important

Making funeral arrangements in advance can be done with plenty of support from family and the caring team of funeral directors

Since 1932, Gilchrist Chapel – McIntyre & Wilkie Funeral Home has been the local funeral provider with an exceptional legacy of caring service. One of the services offered is pre-need (also known as pre-planning).

What is a pre-planned funeral?

A pre-planned funeral is designed and paid for before the actual need for the funeral arises. Working with the funeral director and/or the pre-need specialist, the family chooses every aspect of the service, be it a celebration of life, a cultural service, a traditional service or a memorial. All of the information and merchandise is provided for preview, allowing the family to make decisions while not in a state of mourning or grief.

Why should I pre-plan my funeral?

The passing of a loved one is always a time of high stress and grief. The process of planning a service during this time can be difficult as every family member weighs in on “what he/she would have wanted.” There can also be a sudden financial burden. Insurance or estate funds may be earmarked to pay for the funeral costs, but settling an estate can take longer than a year, and complications in the claims process can delay insurance payouts.

A pre-planned funeral is exactly what your loved one would have desired because they were on hand to provide their input. Everything from the songs played to the final resting place (casket, crematorium, green burial) is decided ahead time – there are no surprises. Having a set amount to pre-pay monthly until the costs are covered means there is no added financial stress when the funeral plan goes into action.

However, one, if not the biggest reason to preplan a funeral is that it is the ultimate kindness to yourself, your family, and your loved ones. Taking care of service details while in the throes of grief, while also trying to accommodate the well meaning input of family members, is incredibly stressful. Planning ahead means the service that is wanted is the service that is had, leaving the bereft the time and space to grieve and come together for support.

You don’t have to go it alone

Gilchrist Chapel – McIntyre & Wilkie Funeral Home has helped many local families during their time of need, and has helped hundreds with preplanning services. Every interaction is handled with caring experience. There is never any pressure, only professional guidance. To learn more, visit today.