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Pursuit Athletic Centre focuses on speed development for individuals and teams

Athletes of all levels and backgrounds can benefit from moving faster and being more efficient 
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At Pursuit Athletic Centre (PAC), experienced trainers work one-on-one with individual athletes or teams to provide full-service strength and conditioning, as well as preventative and rehabilitation therapy. Athletes of all levels and from all sports backgrounds are welcome to train at the Centre.

One area of focus for trainers is speed development, specifically the three elements of speed: Big force, proper direction, and short amount of time.

Big force: the amount of strength or power that you put into the ground with your foot. For example, when you run or skate onto the ice.

Proper direction: The direction the force applied will determine where you go and how efficiently you get there. For example, in sprinting, where does your foot contact the ground in relation to your hip during high-speed running? A foot contacting the ground too far in front of you can apply a braking force, which will slow you down.

Short amount of time: this refers to the time it takes to apply the force. For example, in sprinting, this is measured in ground contact time. How long is your foot on the ground for?

Speed development is beneficial for any athlete in any sport and true speed development requires maximal intent and long rest periods. A good rule of thumb is 60 seconds of rest for every 10-metre run, which can help elicit improvements in top speed. PAC Co-founder and Performance Coach Wayne Burke says, “I've never heard a coach, athlete or parent complain about being too fast!”

Burke explains that while speed development is ideal for any athlete, there is a difference between individual/team sports and track and field athletes in terms of technical proficiency. There is, however, efficiency in sprinting, starting, and stopping that is transferable across all sports.

“In my 21 years as a Performance Coach, the athlete that usually runs the fastest 20-metre dash off the ice typically finishes first in the same distances on the ice,” says Burke

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