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Roofing the right way a key to success at Wm. Green Roofing Ltd.

Company celebrating 35 years of operation this January
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Surviving and thriving as a business for 35 years in an industry full of competitors is a sign you’re doing something right. At Wm. Green Roofing, doing the job right the first time is what makes the company a roofing industry leader in Guelph and surrounding area. 

Founded by Bill & Stephanie Green in 1986, Wm. Green Roofing is celebrating 35 years in business this January. Known throughout Guelph and area for its residential, commercial and industrial roofing services, the company is proud to be reaching such a significant milestone in an industry that’s highly competitive. 

“The main thing behind the success and longevity of the company is the quality of our work and our people,” said company President and Founder, Bill Green. “The roofing industry is a challenging one. When you aren’t under pressure from the competition, you are fighting unpredictable weather and trying to keep on top of changing regulations. We have been able to overcome these challenges by having hardworking staff, many of who have been here for over 15 years – we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.”

What started as a small operation has grown into a multi-service company that, depending on the time of year, employs 20-30 roofers, plus office and support staff. As Wm. Green Roofing has grown as a company, so too has its menu of services, which includes large industrial, commercial and institutional roofs, new construction, residential re-roofing, repairs and maintenance.

According to Green, Wm. Green Roofing has continued to thrive by adapting to changes in the industry and keeping up with product innovations that have helped reshape modern roofing techniques. 

“Things do change, and technology improves,” he said. “Manufacturer training is one of the main ways we stay on top of things. We work with a few different manufacturers that keep us informed of the latest developments in roofing technology, along with providing training and certifications that help us stay on top of our required skill sets.”

Educating consumers on these changes has helped Wm. Green Roofing develop a great reputation for customer service, and winter’s arrival means the Green team has a few tips to offer to help property owners take proactive steps to protect their investment.

“We recommend doing some maintenance in the fall and spring,” said Green. “You want to address any potential problems your roof may have before they become an issue, because once they do there’s a ripple effect. It can cause a lot of problems in other areas of your home or business.” 

If you’re not comfortable climbing up on your roof, Green says a crew from Wm. Green can always be called to provide a professional inspection. They can also be called on to help the community, which Green says is a big part of the company’s corporate social responsibility policy. 

“We’re proud to be part of the Guelph community. We’ve developed a lot of relationships over the years that are important to us, whether it’s homeowners, businesses, universities, schools or supporting community work like the Joy Home Tour, Guelph Food Bank or Big Brothers/Big Sisters. We try to help out the community when we can.”

Visit Wm. Green Roofing at 45 Dawson Road, Guelph or online at