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Spotlight: Don’t Trust Your Transmission to Anyone Else: Get Back in Gear with Mister Transmission

Guelph’s authority on transmission repair and customer excellence for over 25 years
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Like many of the shops that are a part of the Guelph Garage Owners Association, Mister Transmission is a family business. Cory’s father bought Mister Transmission in 1988 and Cory grew up spending summers in the shop. Being a mechanic came easily to him – and being able to fix transmissions? Well, that’s something they do that others don’t. Cory took over ownership of the shop thirteen years ago, and it is clear that he approaches his work with excellence. “We treat everyone the same and look after everyone the best that we can every time.”

Mister Transmission specializes in transmission and drivetrain repair and service. This includes new and rebuilt transmissions, both standard and automatic, full
computer diagnostics, 4 wheel drive systems, axle replacement, clutch repair and replacement, and differential service and repair.

A vehicle’s transmission distributes power from the engine to the wheels. It allows the engine to stay running while the vehicle is stopped. The multiple speeds in a transmission allow the vehicle to reverse as well to increase vehicle speed while achieving optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Signs that your transmission may be in need of a repair include a burning smell, the check engine light is on, unusual noises, grinding, shaking, sluggish performance, and vehicle surging on the highway. Some of these symptoms may indicate a number of different problems or could also be interpreted as an engine problem. “Often, by the time you know something is wrong with a transmission, the problem may have been happening for some time. Computers can do a lot of compensating. Often, there is damage to the transmission before any symptoms are noticed,” Cory explains.

Mister Transmission offers free multi-check inspections to all customers. A multi-check inspection includes a fluid check and a road test, which will thoroughly check the operation of your transmission. In certain cases, the transmission pan may be removed in order to search for metal pieces or debris, which can indicate a malfunction.

Cory’s shop receives many repair referrals from other mechanics. Most shops simply don’t have the technical knowledge or tools required for transmission repairs. For example, Cory has a dedicated technician on staff who has been building transmissions by hand for the last forty years. If your vehicle needs a transmission repair, ask your mechanic to send you to Mister Transmission.

In the spirit of customer appreciation, the Mister Transmission franchise offers all customers a chance to win their repair. By entering your invoice number in the
monthly contest form found on their website, you are eligible to have up to $1000 of the cost of your repair covered.

All mechanical services performed by Mister Transmission are guaranteed. As a part of their nationwide Warranty Program, your transmission repair includes a
warranty for up to three years and 60 000 km.

Your vehicle’s transmission is an incredibly complex system, and it’s one that Mister Transmission Guelph specializes in fixing. In business for almost thirty years, Mister Transmission offers excellence to their customers every day. Owned and operated by Cory Catteau, the shop is located at 775 Woodlawn Rd. W.

Mister Transmission is a proud member of the Guelph Garage Owners Association. The GGOA is a network of like-minded garage owners who have a reputation of doing the right service at the right time at a fair price. Their member listcode of ethics, and community involvement projects can be found listed on their website.

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