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Spotlight: Specialized Care is the Norm at Auto Cool Garage

How to fight in-car air pollution

With a specialization in heating and cooling systems, Auto Cool is uniquely suited to care for all of your vehicle needs. Tony Pellegrini, the owner, has been in business for twenty-eight years. With an understated dose of grit and determination, Tony has a talent for fixing electronic climate controls.

As with most endeavours, the right gear can make a big difference. Tony has specialized equipment to diagnose and repair all manner of heating and cooling systems, including air conditioning and trucks that require refrigeration. His shop is equipped with hoists that can lift anything from a Volkswagen to a bus or motorhome.

Tony also has years of experience and expertise. “Back when I opened and you needed a radiator repaired, we would rebuild it ourselves. You couldn’t go to a store and buy one like you can now. I still do a lot of specialty work on tow motors and antique cars.” Being a certified automotive service technician allowed him to weather the transition to a full service repair facility when other radiator repair services were not able to.

His current challenge? “We’ve got a vehicle here today where the owner tried to install their own brake pads. They missed something. Their dealership couldn’t figure it out, so they sent it to me.”

Tony is the owner of Auto Cool and a proud member of the Guelph Garage Owners Association. The GGOA is a network of like-minded garage owners who have a reputation of doing the right service at the right time at a fair price. Their member list, code of ethics, and community involvement projects can be found listed on their website.

How to fight in-car air pollution

In-car air pollution is a hot topic and it’s no wonder – people spend a significant amount of time in their vehicles and respiratory problems are on the rise.

Air enters a vehicle through exterior vents located just in front of the windshield. From there the air is drawn into the cabin filter where it is directed through a vehicle’s heating or cooling system, eventually blowing into the vehicle’s interior.

By trapping dust, pollen, bacteria, mould spores, and even exhaust soot and smoke, a cabin filter can help keep the air inside your vehicle clean. Cleaner air is also easier on the heating and cooling system and can help to prevent repairs.

“At this time of year,” Tony notes, “it’s really damp, you are drawing in moist air, so filters can get musty and mouldy.” Checking the state of the cabin filter is something that Tony does for each new customer. They also keep a history on each vehicle they service and let customers know when it’s time for a change.

Another way to improve in-car air quality is through the use of a machine called an ozonator. Tony will run the ozonator in a vehicle with odour problems, whether it’s from accumulated mould and bacteria in vents and fabric or as a result of cigarette smoke.

An ozonator uses ozone to remove airborne contaminants. Ozone is a compound made of three oxygen molecules. The third oxygen molecule is unstable and will readily attach itself to contaminants and compromise their molecular structure. The result is the destruction of the offending smell or toxin and the ozone molecule reverts to oxygen. This is a very effective way of cleaning and purifying a vehicle, but should only be done by a professional who is trained in the use of ozone.

To fight air pollution in your vehicle, book a visit with Tony at Auto Cool.

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This Content is made possible by our Sponsor; it is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff.