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Understanding CBD cannabis products

Qbud Cannabis in Guelph discusses how CBD differs from THC and what you should know

Are you a Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol fan? Or are you a Cannabidiol fan? 

Depending on how much you know about the chemical compounds found in medical marijuana, you could answer that question based on your reason for consuming legal cannabis products. However, for the inexperienced user who may be considering their first legal cannabis purchase, it’s important to know the difference between those two names. 

While their effects on the body, legality and molecular structure are just a few of the differences between Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD), the primary difference is simple: THC creates an intoxicating effect, CBD does not. Knowing those differences will help you make an informed decision next time you walk into a cannabis dispensary to purchase products. 

While many buyers seek out the intoxicating effects of THC-based cannabis products, it’s the CBD products that have sparked the interest of many new cannabis consumers, especially seniors looking for alternatives to opioid-based pain medications. 

“Tuesday is Seniors Day here,” said the staff at QBud Cannabis in Guelph. “There are a lot of people in this age demographic coming in specifically looking for pain relief and help with sleep. We offer seniors 10 per cent off. More seniors are coming now that the laws have changed.” 

In recent years, CBD has been at the heart of the increased development of medical marijuana applications, given its reported ability to reduce the effects of ailments such as pain, anxiety and nausea.  Despite those advances, however, there is still some confusion about the potential effects of cannabis products containing high percentages of CBD and the variety of potential ways it can be consumed. 

“The biggest misconception is that CBD will get you high. It is non-psychoactive and is shown to have many health benefits. And there are many ways it can be consumed or used. It gets put into products like oils, capsules, edibles or other carriers you can put into your mouth and swallow. There are creams and lotions, chocolate and even vaping. You can take it in any of those forms.”

Qbud says that approximately 60 per cent of the people coming into its Guelph location are knowledgeable consumers who know exactly what they want. However, given the fact the Wyndham Street North cannabis distributor is part of a relatively new legal cannabis industry, Qbud staff are always available to answer questions on any of the products available and the potential benefits of CBD-based products.

“About 20 per cent of customers are somewhat knowledgeable and there’s about 20 per cent who don’t know anything. Our staff help those first-time users get the knowledge they need, especially when it comes to educating people on the benefits of CBD. It’s exciting to be able to help people out.”

As for the stigma related to legal cannabis and the products being sold at QBud, staff said it comes down to accepting the current reality about medical marijuana.  

“It’s completely legal. This is a legal product, in the same way you walk into any store to purchase alcohol. There’s no difference anymore. There’s no stigma around it. And there is beneficial use to it, especially when it comes to CBD products.”

To learn more about the various cannabis products available at QBud Cannabis in Guelph, visit them at 128 Wyndham Street North in Guelph or call 519-763-7837.