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Monthly Musical Member Video - NEFE

By: Guelph Arts Council

Each month we’ll feature a video from one of Guelph’s musical community members. If you’re a musician and have a video you’d like us to feature, please send a YouTube link our way along with a short bio.

Carrying on from last month’s video which featured a Hillside Inside performer, we have one this month from an artist who is no stranger to the Hillside stage, Nefe. Having most recently performed a virtual set for Winter Pride here in Guelph, Nefe’s latest single “Lipstick Wish” found its way to CBC Music’s Top 20 chart in December. It’s a great song, but for today’s video, we visit Nefe’s 2017 EP and it’s beautiful title track, “Mama”.


Adept listeners might be able to trace Nefe’s genre-defying sound back to her endless influences from folk to pop or R&B to reggae but what listeners will actually hear is an idiosyncratic sound that can only be described as 3-dimensional – affecting the listener’s heart, mind and soul. Nefe’s power has been described as her ability to make you feel before you can think. Her vocal range and precision vibrates with the healing tradition of ancient wisdom that belies her youth. Nefe’s voice is the salve that cuts through the pandemonium of the modern world.

Find more information on Nefe’s website and Facebook. While we couldn’t find the Mama EP there, we wanted to let you know that Bandcamp will once again be foregoing their share of artist sales on the first Friday of March. Have more of your music dollars find their way into the pockets of your favourite local musicians by visiting their Bandcamp pages on March 5th.

And now for your viewing, listening, and emotional pleasure (especially if you have ever had a great maternal figure in your life), here’s Nefe’s “Mama”.


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