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County assessing emergency child care needs through online survey

The county is considering a few options on how to best deliver their services
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COUNTY OF WELLINGTON – The county is working with the province to deliver emergency child care for health care and front line workers.

A press release from the county says they are assessing child care needs through an online survey on their website that starts tomorrow and will be ongoing through the COVID-19 crisis.

On March 17, the premier declared a state of emergency which closed all licensed child care centres until at least March 31. 

The Government of Ontario yesterday announced their intention to provide emergency licensed child care for frontline and health care workers. 

Luisa Artuso, director of the children’s early years division, said the county is making every effort to support frontline workers with a licensed child care arrangement.

“The county recognizes that courageous health care and other frontline workers must continue to provide their important work,” Artuso said in a press release. 

In a phone interview, Artuso said the list of who is considered a frontline worker has not been released by the Ministry of Education but does know that grocery store clerks are not included. The webpage will have the list of workers who qualify. 

“Our first priority is to get a needs assessment established,” Artuso said. “Once we understand what the need is then we will understand how our system can help the people that need child care at this time.”

County of Wellington’s children’s early years division is considering in-home child care and child care in a provider’s home. Arrtuso said they would also consider opening a child care centre if the need was there. 

“We will do our best that we can through our home child care,” Artuso said. “Right now we are not looking at opening up a child care centre until we have that information from the people that would qualify.”

A press release says the health of those delivering emergency child care is a top concern.

“The County of Wellington is working closely with Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health to ensure we do everything possible to support the health and safety of all those helping to deliver emergency child care in our communities,” a press release states.