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Guelph-Eramosa council approves extra funding needed to bring public WiFi to Rockmosa Park

Director of Parks and Recreation notes that the estimated project cost was $13,000 which now comes to a project cost of $20,840
Rockmosa park is set to have free public access Wi-Fi as council approves extra funding. Keegan Kozolanka/GuelphToday

GUELPH/ERAMOSA - Guelph-Eramosa Township is set to have public access WiFi at Rockmosa Park after council approved extra funding of $7,840 for upgrading security access points. 

Council approved a $13,000 capital item in the 2021 Parks and Recreation budget that will see public access WiFi installed and available throughout most of Rockmosa Park.

The Wi-Fi will be available for free for park users, market vendors, sports teams and during special events. 

Installing the public WiFi consisted of two-parts: the first part required Cogeco to bring in an underground infrastructure at the property and required a speed test, which came in with the budget. However, the second part consisted of bringing in an I.T. consultant that overlooked the property and infrastructure. They concluded that they would need to do a quick upgrade on site for security purposes, in addition to the infrastructure required to broadcast WiFi publicly. 

“The second part of the installation process came over budget by approximately $7,840,” said Robin Milne, director of Parks and Recreation. 

“If it’s approved today, the budget will still continue to come from the modernization fund that the province gave us. The original portion that was approved in the 2021 budget was 100 percent funded through the modernization fund.”

Milne notes that the estimated project cost was $13,000 which now comes to a project cost of $20,840.

Council unanimously voted to receive the report and proceed with the installation.