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Minto's proposed capital budget is $4.3 million for 2022

Majority of the budget will be going to public works with a $2,087,000 budget for 2022
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Minto council discussed the 2022 proposed capital budget at Tuesday's council meeting.

The Town of Minto’s proposed capital budget for 2022 sits at $4,373,000. 

At Tuesday’s council meeting, CAO Derrick Thompson and Gordon Duff, town treasurer, presented the capital budget to council. The proposed capital budget is currently $4.3 million with the majority of it going to public works at a $2,087,000 budget for 2022. 

The largest project is the $744,000 road replacement project for Whites Road at Palmerston, which also needs wastewater and water improvements, followed by the full reconstruction of 12th Line at $500,000. 

Water services will have a budget of $650,000 for 2022, with projects such as the Harriston Well Exploration that will be costing at $100,000 and the second Minto Pines Well water improvements which will cost $200,000.

“We have a lot of our budget coming from our savings; our grants aren’t quite as high this year, just depending on the project and what’s eligible for grants,” explained Duff. 

“Our development charge reserve, which is growth related expenditures, that’s $465,000; tax-based reserves, which is our core reserves and where we got our money from for public works and community services projects, that’s $1,063,957. Non-tax based, which is water and wastewater, has $711,000, and then we do have some grants. Our core grant is the Ontario Community Investment Fund which will be $506,543.”

Councillors deliberated the major projects at hand, especially the Whites Road project. 

Deputy Mayor Dave Turnton wanted to know what the road will look like after construction in front of the Palmerston and District Hospital. 

“Basically, what you see there is going to be replaced. So, the sidewalks will be wider, curb and gutters will be taken right out to the town limits there and will be improved. It’s basically what you see there now but a bit better,” answered Mike McIsaac, roads and drainage manager. 

Coun. Jean Anderson asked what the access will be like for the hospital while Whites Road is in construction. 

McIsaac responded that there will be an access maintained at all time; whether it’s the main access road or the new health centre entrance. 

“With the Brunswick Street bridge being reconstructed this year, it's going to be used as a primary access route around the Whites Road project,” said McIsaac. 

Anderson also wondered about the Clifford Celebration Square project which will cost $110,000 in 2022. 

“There’s a variety of elements to the project; the big portion of the cost is interlocking bricks, so there will be design all around the gazebo and a heritage wall that will incorporate some heritage plaques referencing what was in that space before. There is a communal swing set and a flag in the gazebo,” said Duff. 

Mayor George Bridge also mentioned that the square will be used for pop-up markets in the future. The plan for the square is to have vendor markets in the summer, whether it’s a farmer’s market or artisan markets where there will also be entertainment.

The budget public open house will be on Dec. 14 at 5 p.m.