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Seniors townhouse development in Harriston gets some pushback

Neighbours of a proposed 18-unit development are unsure if the development suits the area
Mex Developments is proposing to put 18 townhouse units that are geared towards seniors and retirees.

HARRISTON – Neighbours of a proposed townhouse development in Harriston are unsure if it is the right fit for the area. 

Mex Development Inc. are planning to build an 18-unit townhouse subdivision in the north-end of Harriston near Minto-Clifford Public School. 

The proposal will see a new street that connects to what are now dead-end roads at King and Queen streets.

Planning consultant Astrid Clos explained the units are intended to be geared toward seniors and retirees as they are rental bungalows. 

Each unit will have garage space and a driveway for cars as well as 10 visitor parking spots.

Clos said the development is well below density limits, surpasses parking requirements and is inline with county and provincial housing plans. 

Two residents who live near the development were a bit concerned on how this would change the character of the neighbourhood.

Dean Campbell said he didn’t feel the design of the development is suitable for the area and wanted council to get a better handle on how growth looks in town. 

“I know Minto is growing really quickly and there’s a lot of these subdivisions starting to pop up,” Campbell said. 

“I feel that Minto should take a better grasp to control how the subdivisions go in, where they go in, do they fit in with the rest of the community? That’s a big thing about growing is making sure things don’t look out of place.”

He was also concerned about safety as car traffic increases because there is no sidewalk on the streets near the proposal. 

A written delegation from Melissa Hovius was also concerned about building on this land as it would be next to a county roads building that fronts onto Elora Street. 

She said trees have been cut down which blocked light and noise from any operations at that building.

“The township building with all the plows is running 24/7 for 6-7 months of the year and they are loud and the lights are very bright ever since the trees have been cut down,” Hovius wrote. 

“Not sure how the new homeowners will sleep at night being that much closer to that county building.”

Mayor George Bridge commented that this is a crucial development as there is a gap in available senior’s housing in Wellington County. 

This would allow more seniors to stay in Harriston. 

“You hear about people having to move out of town because they sell their house and they don’t have a spot,” Bridge said. “I think it’s a great development and I think they’ve done a good job of trying to work with the neighbours.”