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Drumming up some holiday spirit with Silence (11 photos)

In this What’s Up Wednesday we spend some time Christmas shopping and chatting with vendors and artisans at the fourth annual Silence Holiday Market

Holding the beat and keeping time were among the elements of interest for customers and vendors at the fourth annual Silence Holiday Market this year. 

“We put out an open call for vendor submissions every year, usually on our Facebook and on our newsletter, and then folks apply,” said Scarlett Raczycki, executive director at Silence. “We pick and choose and try to keep them as local as possible and we like to have some variety as well.” 

Local musician and artisan Mark Steinhoff has been selling his Spirit Drums at the market since it started four years ago.  

“The spirit drums have been here every year because not a lot of people get a chance to see them and our community is really into cool instruments,” said Raczycki. “This a great opportunity for them to come and connect with the community here that likes that kind of thing.”

Steinhoff created his distinct style of hang drum or steel-tongue drum after a life-changing trip to Peru and now sells them to musicians all over the world.

“They are made from discarded propane tanks,” said Steinhoff. “There is no wrong way to play them.”

His neighbour at the market, John Proctor, makes a variety of drums that he brings to other events at Silence.

“I attend Silence events all the time,” said Proctor. “I come here for Morning Music and we played here for the silent movie event where they run a silent movie and we perform the music soundtrack live.”

Proctor shared a corner at the market with his wife Dani Stahle who creates items made from recycled clothing and other materials. 

There were several other local independent vendors and artisans selling everything from handmade clothes, jewelry, soaps, candles, toys and art to time in the form of wooden clocks by sculptor Brendan Reilly. 

“I think this is a really nice spot for experimentation and community growth,” said Raczycki. “Art and music of all kinds comes together here which is awesome.”