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LETTER: Shocked by the closing of Dublin Street to through traffic

Marie and David Smith join those upset with the closing of Dublin Street to through traffic and what it might mean for other streets
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We are shocked Guelph City Council would agree to the closing of the Dublin Street at the train tracks as promoted by Metrolinx.

The north/ south thoroughfare is important to the residents in this area of town. We strongly agree this proposal needs community consultation. This decision apparently was made at the beginning of the COVID 19 crises, when many Guelph residents may have been out of the country, or preoccupied with the unravelling of normal life due to the pandemic.

The possibility of any consideration to further closings of Glasgow Street, Yorkshire Street and Alma Street is objectionable. It makes Edinburgh Road the only north/ south access between Gordon Street and the Hanlon and at the mercy of the shunting of trains and heavy traffic tie-ups.

Marie and David Smith