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LETTER: Developer disagrees with depiction of its condos as 'high end'

In this letter to the editor, the company looking to eventually build just south of Guelph says its condos are 'affordable housing' for middle income households
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We’d like to correct your reporter’s reference to Options for Homes as a builder of “high-end condominiums” in yesterday’s story – Location of Future South End Community Park Highlights Monday Council Agenda.

We offer a high-quality condo with the lowest possible maintenance fees and a down payment loan of up to 15 per cent of the purchase price. This the most powerful program in Canada to help middle-income households realize their dream of owning a home.

We have built more than 3,000 units of affordable ownership housing in Ontario and we are proud of our more than 25 year history as a social enterprise company that facilitates affordable home ownership through a creative financing model. We look forward to meeting the need for affordable housing for middle income households in Guelph.

Heather Tremain

CEO, Options for Homes