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College cancels program after doctor criticizes subject as 'magical thinking'

Decision to axe homeopathy program made in light of recent response from local community and beyond
2018-02-09 Georgian College
File photo Georgian College Barrie campus

BARRIE — Georgian College has announced that it's cancelling a plan to have a three-year diploma course on homeopathy.

The move follows strong criticism from a Barrie physician and an outpouring of opposition on social media.

The college released a statement late Friday afternoon. 

"In light of the recent response from our local community and beyond and in consideration of our students, Georgian College has made the decision to cancel the homeopathy program," the statement said. 

In mid-January, Dr.  Chris Giorshev sent a letter to provincial Ministers Matthews, Hunter, the Board of directors of Georgian College and college CEO and President MaryLynn West-Moynes.

Giorshev, who treats both chronic pain and addictions patients in his Barrie practice, wrote that homeopathy is a 'pseudo-science' based on 'magical thinking.'

"Georgian College having a course for something that has no basis in reality is problematic because Georgian College is a publicly funded institution and they shouldn't be using publicly funded health dollars for quackery," Giorshev said in a previous interview. 

Upon hearing the news that the course had been cancelled, Giorshev said it was 'fantastic.'

"I'm very happy that they cancelled the program. I'm still a little concerned that it was introduced to begin with and I'm still little concerned that homeopathy is still considered a regulated profession but I think it's a step in the right direction."

The college is offering prospective students who submitted applications for the program the option to withdraw their application or transfer it to another Georgian program.

"With more than 125 programs on offer that meet the needs of the community and students, the college will work with these applicants to find an alternative program that meets their needs. Georgian College is committed to student success and greatly values our community partners," the statement said. 


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