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Liz O'Donnell, General Manager
226-779-1717 ext. 1147

Mac Sinclair, Account Executive
226-779-1717 ext. 1172

News Room

Tony Saxon, Community Editor
226-779-1717 ext. 1145

Kenneth Armstrong, Photojournalist
226-779-1717 ext. 1115

Anam Khan, Reporter
226-779-1717 ext. 1178

Keegan Kozolanka, Wellington County Reporter
226-779-1717 ext. 1192

Sadie Janes, Content Administrator
226-779-1717 ext. 4001

Richard Vivian, Reporter
226-779-1717 ext. 1206

GuelphToday Offices

82 Norfolk Street
Guelph, Ontario  N1H4J2

Village Media Headquarters

298 Queen St. E.,
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario P6A 1Y7

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