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Service or Product Based Commercial

Using emotionally driven and engaging content, story-telling through the lens allows the viewers to feel connected to the brand and create a bond that is necessary for brand recognition, engagement and loyalty.

This full length commercial package is perfect for corporations and small businesses looking to feature their services, products and/or events. A commercial ranges from 30 to 120 seconds and can be formatted to reach a variety of audiences on various platforms such as tv, social media platforms, online advertising, websites, etc.

Commercials are filmed in a variety of settings, including at your place of business, outdoors or in our studio. A variety of techniques are used including product close ups, product demonstrations, interview style, drone footage, slow motion captures, interior building features, etc. The commercial will encourage human connection through storytelling, humor or deep emotional engagement of the audience.

Example Commercials:

AFYA Skin and Body- Beauty Defined by You

Sabaki Water Commercial

The AFYA Experience:

Halloween Memories 2021

MTK Video Productions Inc.
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About MTK Video Productions Inc.


Michael’s passion, love and an eye for exquisite content started back in 2019 during one of his many travels around the world. He quickly realized he had the ability to capture magnificent videos that were both captivating and engaging. Michael quickly dove in to the corporate world of videography while maintaining his social engagement. During his time creating industry leading content for big brands, his videos were dubbed “captivating!” “alluring” and “trendy.” He is now the founder of MTK Video Productions Inc and continues to set high standards in his content creation.