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Community Builders Awards: Laura Paaren strengthens community bonds through the practice of yoga

This year’s Sports & Recreation Award winner promotes inclusivity and helps build diverse communities through her studio

Laura Paaren has been teaching yoga in Guelph for the last 10 years.

She runs Moonlight Yoga in downtown Guelph, where she offers a range of classes in the studio, live over Zoom and through her virtual studio library, which now has a growing collection of over 100 videos on-demand. 

She has managed to create a safe space for socializing and networking, connecting people with shared experiences and helping people to reconnect with their bodies through yoga. By fostering a sense of community at Moonlight Yoga, Laura empowers participants to spread kindness beyond the walls of the studio.

She has previously offered a monthly yoga class for small, local businesses and hosts a monthly yoga session for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Recently, she started instructing the health club at Victory Public School, teaching youth breathing techniques, mindfulness and helping them to build awareness of their bodies. She also teaches for a program run by the Homewood Health Centre that is encouraging mindful movement for program participants who typically would not have access to this type of class due to financial and/or physical barriers.

Beyond teaching yoga, she gives back to our community through her? business. Laura has organized several successful fundraising efforts for ARCH Guelph and other local not-profits. Not only is she helping by raising much-needed funds for these organizations, but she is also helping to raise awareness and educate the community about resources available locally.

The Sports and Recreation Award goes to the individual or group that has contributed to the strength of sport in the community. 

Congratulations, Laura!

This award is proudly sponsored by Nick FitzGibbon Let’s Talk Real Estate.


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Riley Barsanti, Community Cares team

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