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Have your say on Guelph’s Private Tree Protection Bylaw update by May 27

Take the online survey between April 30 and May 27
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The City is updating Guelph’s Private Tree Protection Bylaw and is asking the community to provide feedback on options for the update.

Guelph values its tree canopy cover and the numerous contributions trees make to the health of our community. The 2024-2027 Future Guelph strategic plan identifies updating the private tree protection bylaw as a priority action to help “improve urban forest sustainability and enhance our climate change resilience by increasing Guelph’s tree canopy coverage, providing more shade, cleaner air and improved water filtration.” 

We’re also looking for your thoughts on equitable approaches to permitting, tree replacement or compensation in lieu, and regulation of replacement trees in the updated bylaw.

Take the online survey between April 30 and May 27

Compete the survey or learn about other ways to engage in person and online at

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519-822-1260 extension 5626
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