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100 Women Who Care Guelph Supports Master Gardeners of Ontario (Guelph-Wellington)

100 Women Who Care Guelph

100 Women Who Care Guelph has chosen Master Gardeners of Ontario (Guelph-Wellington) as the first charity in 2024 to receive its $10,000+ donation. The donation will enable the creation of an inspirational program in local schools to help young people learn to grow food.

Certified Master Gardeners are “… horticultural experts who provide gardening information to the public on a volunteer basis …” with a mandate to “provide advice and inspiration to the local gardening community” (mainly adults). (

However, it sees the need of young people for hands-on learning. 100WWCG funds will enable the creation of a program for Grade 3 Guelph students to educate them about growing food gardens.

Current challenges include a lack of this practical knowledge in young people, the high cost of food, food waste and more.

There is also a lack of funds; the annual spring plant sale and one small program generate the only income Master Gardeners receives. These funds are already committed and are insufficient to design and deliver this innovative program.

100WWCG funding of $10,000+ would be used to build kits for 20 to 25 classrooms, including how to start and maintain vegetable gardens, a raised planter, full spectrum grow lights, soil, trays, seeds, and necessary tools. The reusable kits would be left with participating schools.

Master Gardeners volunteers will help set up the program and provide ongoing support for teachers. School boards will solicit schools for the program, starting with food insecure geographic areas.

The aim of the program is to encourage local kids and their families to gain lifelong life skills and to see how beneficial plants are to society and the world. The program has the potential to spread, inspiring many other schools that recognize the need to help the world be a greener, less wasteful planet.

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