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Hidden Costs of Moving on Your Own

Let’s be honest, many people do not really like moving. It is hard work and has the potential to cost a lot financially. Moving doesn’t have to be this daunting, stress-inducing task in our lives. It can be about fresh starts and new beginnings if you change your perspective. With the right moving help and a great company, moving can feel good.

Many of us believe that moving on our own will save us money. Not only does it often include an unnecessary amount of stress, but there are a few hidden costs of moving on your own.

Financial Costs (Will Be the Same or Even More)

Renting a truck to move your belongings may seem like the cheaper option, but there are always hidden fees. You will have to consider things like fuel for the truck, which can add up quickly, especially if you don’t rent the right size moving truck.

You’ll also need to consider that some companies charge for mileage and insurance that is either not included or extra. It’s also essential to insure your valuable possessions in the event something breaks during the move.

Aside from renting a truck, you’ll also need to rent moving equipment. Even with adequate moving help, you’ll need a dolly for more oversized and heavier items, moving blankets and furniture pads to prevent any damage, as well as the proper clothing (anti-slip shoes and grip gloves). If you enlist a group of friends or family to help with your move, you’ll also need to consider feeding them. The cost of food is another hidden cost we might not think of beforehand.


Planning a move while securing moving equipment on top of packing all of your belongings is enough to send any calm person into a spiral of stress. While stress is normal, it doesn’t have to take over your life.

Moving services are available that can take a load off (literally) and help the ease of moving by providing a quick and efficient stress-free move. Moving companies are also equipped with the knowledge and advice to keep you organized before and during your move.


When you decide to move on your own and think you are cutting corners financially, don’t forget safety is priceless. Ensuring you don’t injure yourself or others during a move should be the top priority. Professional moving companies handle large moves every day. They are well trained and capable of handling large and potentially dangerous items using proper equipment and lifting techniques.

Moving is undoubtedly not a single-person feat. If you can’t come up with a group to help you, then hiring moving help is imperative.


The quality of your move will make a lasting impact on your experience with moving and how you’ll feel when it comes time to move again. The stress and potential safety risks of moving on your own, in the end, will cost more than just money. Ensure the quality of your move with the right help—a great place to start is by researching moving companies.

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