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Adopt Me: Brenda loves catnip and treats

She would prefer to live in a small apartment
Brenda 2

GuelphToday, in partnership with the Guelph Humane Society, brings you this feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


Hi! My name is Brenda. 

I'm just going to come out and say it: I think I'm pretty great. I'm a mature, 4-year-old  gal, and I know what I like! 

In my previous life, my front paws were declawed. That wasn't very fun. Now I don't really like my paws being touched, and it led to some arthritis. If you don't have a lot of  stairs, then that would be fine by me.  A small little apartment sounds great! That way I always know where you are, and I can be in on all the action. I like to know what's going on! 

I adore two things: catnip and treats. Catnip drives me wild! Oh...I lied. I also really like carpets. They feel so nice to rub my body on! 

I'm currently staying in foster care with one of the Animal Care Attendants here at GHS.  She says that I have cute lanky legs, and that I like to take over her desk and table. She  adores me. I'm sure you will adore me too, I would make such a great companion!  Could you be the one to make my #HappyTails dream come true?! 

The GHS contactless adoptions have been so successful – they have given over 1,000  pets a loving #HappyTail during COVID-19! Virtual and/or phone adoption meetings  will happen by appointment only. 

If you think Brenda would be a good match for your home, check out the GHS  contactless adoption process at 

Not able to adopt? Consider donating toward the care of GHS animals  at


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