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Taste Detours

Taste Detours are award-winning food and drink tours with a heritage twist.

We are telling the stories of the people and the places that give Guelph and Wellington County its flavour, while celebrating our deep agricultural roots. Unique locales where you have to dig a bit deeper to unearth the true sense of place. More than just a mouthful, our tours open doors for visitors and locals by nourishing all the senses. We see to it that you connect with a taste of this place, and with each other.

For companies, Taste Detours meticulously facilitates every detail of a team-building activity that your group will actually love. We shine a spotlight on our regional fare with curated and customized events that can host a variety of groups beyond our public tours.

Private tours can really move you.

• Family, friends, reunions, wedding parties, you name it. We can be an ally when you want to impress guests.

• Orientation at its best. Students and parents can get to know their new town.

• Conference-goers can stretch their legs and relish the flavours of the area.

Join a public tour? — just check for monthly tours in Guelph or Elora, and some special events in between.

We celebrate the power of a full plate, cup, or bowl, to bring people and communities together. We’ll quite literally feed your need for connectivity and fuel exploration through the cuisine that gives this slice of Southwestern Ontario its magic. And as well-seasoned Canadians, we offer events year-round!

Intrigued? Ask Lynn anything: [email protected]

Taste Detours feeds curiosity, step bite step.

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