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About Us
The Career Education Council is a registered charitable organization dedicated to providing youth with meaningful opportunities for experiential learning, career exploration, and skill development. We collaborate extensively with local employers, educators, and community partners to provide learning opportunities that will help youth to make more informed choices about their future education, training, and career pathway.

Connect-ED Working Circles (CEWC)
Connect-ED Working Circles (CEWC) is a virtual training and employment incentive program with the objective of enhancing the design, media, and employability skills of youth aged 15 to 30.

CEWC participants will:

  • Receive extensive training in topics such as workplace communication, customer service essentials, conflict resolution, group dynamics, and more.
  • Learn advanced creative techniques for constructing social media posts, banners, flyers, and more.
  • Expand upon their portfolio through the completion of individual and collaborative design projects.
  • Network with local non-profit and community-benefit organizations.
  • Receive guidance from industry professionals.

If you're interested in learning more about CEWC, please click here

Career Exploration Portal (CEP)
The Career Exploration Portal (CEP) is a centrally-focused resource hub centered around career exploration and training for youth in our communities.

CEP users can access:

  • Workplace Tour Videos: 3-30 minute tour-style videos with a focus on workplace environments and equipment.
  • Career Profile Videos: 3-30 minute interview-style videos with a focus on career pathways.
  • Career Directory: A directory of links leading to company career/employment page(s).
  • Workplace Readiness Workshops: Workplace readiness workshops preparing youth to build the transferrable skills necessary to thrive in the workplace.
  • Community Career Speakers: An active database of working professionals with an express interest in sharing their career insights and inspirations with youth.

As of right now, we have partnered with over 14 secondary schools and have a total of over 14,000 students using our portal. We offer insights from 100-plus unique businesses which have contributed 40-plus Workplace Tour videos, 80-plus Career Profile videos, and 40-plus Community Career Speakers profiles.

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Join Our Team
We are always welcome to field placement, co-op, and volunteer inquiries. Until further notice, all opportunities are virtual.

Friends of the CEC
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