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Guelph Tabletop Gaming Group

Located in the Guelph, Ontario area? Looking to play some tabletop roleplaying games? If so, you've found the right group! The Guelph Tabletop Gaming Club is full of Guelph locals interested in getting together and playing games. Whether it's the most popular games on the market, like Dungeons & Dragons, or obscure, niche games with experimental mechanics, there's a group waiting for you in the Guelph Tabletop Gaming Club!

Facebook is a bit awkward for organizing things and having discussions. We're mostly located on Discord!

Join the Discord server, here.

The Guelph Tabletop Gaming Club has a few rules.

  • This community is about playing tabletop roleplaying games. Socialising, storytelling, and skill-building are all encouraged, but they are secondary to the purpose of getting together to play TTRPGs.

  • Whether within a game or outside of it, treat others with respect. We're here to play games and have fun; let's make this a space where everybody feels welcome, heard, and safe.

  • Players are encouraged to learn about safety tools such as Lines and Veils, which are designed to ensure a safe and inclusive roleplaying experience.

  • People of all identities and experience levels are welcome.

  • All players are free to choose who they wish to play with. Nobody is entitled to play with a particular group or specific players.

  • This group is free to join. There are no membership fees, now or ever.

  • Alternative game systems are strongly encouraged. If you want to play vanilla D&D, that's obviously permitted, but you're encouraged to try new and interesting systems. There are lots of interesting ones out there!

By participating, you're agreeing to abide by these rules.

Our People