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Injured Workers of Wellington & Dufferin Counties

Who We Are

We are injured workers who live in the counties of Wellington & Dufferin. Providing group support and advocacy for each other! There is strength in numbers!

What We Do

Share our stories, successes, and our failures, in dealing the WSIB and the WSIAT (Ontario Workers Compensation System). We will discuss and learn about how to deal with difficult problems such as:

  • Deeming
  • Pre-existing Conditions
  • Failure of the WSIB/WSIAT to listen to our doctors

We will learn what these issues are, and how to deal with them effectively, as well as many more!

Why We Do It

We are coming together, as injured workers, family members of injured workers, and advocates for injured workers, to help each other, as the WSIB and the WSIAT, Ontario’s Workers Compensation system, has failed Ontario's injured workers and they have failed Ontario taxpayers.
Too many injured workers have suffered financial, physical, and emotional devastation at the hands of the WSIB and the WSIAT. Not to mention in many ways Ontario tax payers have had to foot the bill for the WSIB and the WSIAT slow and troublesome decision process.

How We Do It

In many ways just coming together to meet face to face can help each other and build strength in each other. We will be having meetings so we can share our stories, our successes and our failures. We will also learn new ways of dealing with problems with the WSIB, the WSIAT, our employers, and others. We will also be advocating at a political level. This will be to work towards positive change for injured workers. This can be done by even a small group who represents many injured workers expressing concerns of its members and they will then be heard by our political representatives.

As there is strength in our numbers!

Where We Will Do It
In the past, we have met in Guelph at UNifor's office. We ahve also met in Organeville. Once the virus clears, we will be planning on resume regular meetings again and have them in differnet locations starting with a outreach event in each local community to raise the awareness of our group.

Our People