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The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital

At Guelph General Hospital, every dollar spent on equipment used in the direct care of patients comes from a donor. Not all essential costs are covered by government funding. Local community support is essential for our Hospital to excel in the delivery of patient care.

Every year, generous donors impact the quality of care and experience of patients at Guelph General. Donors fund the most basic and essential medical tools including patient beds, thermometers, IV pumps, and vital signs monitors. They also fund high-tech patient care tools including MALDI-TOF and the more recently donor-funded CT scanner, and the Mammography Machine which is the first of its kind in Canada.

You can see full listings of donor-funded patient care equipment on our website.

You can also read stories about how donors are impacting patient care with each piece of equipment they fund.

Guelph is the fastest-growing city in Ontario. This strains our healthcare system in many ways. Guelph General’s Emergency Department now sees nearly 20,000 more patients than it was designed for, and we need to meet growing needs across the entire hospital. To meet this challenge, not only do we need to physically expand but we also must invest in vital, innovative technologies and solutions that continue to support the best hospital experience for patients and their families. 

Your help is needed more than ever. You too can join our community of generous donors who care deeply about ensuring every patient at Guelph general receives the best possible care and experience. 

We gratefully accept online donations or donations by mail. Members of our community can also get involved in fundraising events as an event participant or as a volunteer, or by hosting their own fundraising event. Consider getting involved with The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital, you will help save lives and improve health, together with our community.

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