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About Us

Bracelet of Hope is a grassroots organization that engages Canadians in it's fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa.

In September of 2008, the Bracelet of Hope Campaign reached it’s first target. In partnership with OHAfrica, a project of the Ontario Hospital Association, Bracelet of Hope raised $ 1 million in support of the Tsepong Clinic. Tsepong was the first HIV/AIDS clinic in Lesotho, Africa. Established in 2004 by the outstanding OHAfrica team, this clinic was administrated and funded by OHAfrica until the spring of 2010. Dr. Anne-Marie Zajdlik was a member of the OHAfrica medical team and the OHAfrica Board of Directors.

Now administrated by the government of Lesotho, the Tsepong clinic continues to provide high quality medical care to the 21,000 HIV positive patients it supports.
With OHAfrica’s mandate complete, Bracelet of Hope will continue in it’s efforts to reach it’s second target: One African Country- AIDS free.
By placing a bracelet on the wrist of every Canadian, Bracelet of Hope will strive to end the AIDS pandemic in Lesotho by raising funds and awareness with the campaign’s signature symbol, the Bracelet of Hope.

We are committed to assisting the Basotho people in ending the AIDS pandemic in their country

Our People