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Park'n Dance gives dance classes, based on the Dance for PD format, for people with Parkinson's for health benefits and artistic enjoyment. Social time with light refreshments follows each class.

Dance is highly beneficial for People with Parkinson’s

Park’n Dance is bringing classes inspired by the Dance for PD format of moving to music to the residents of Guelph and surrounding area.  Park’n Dance is also a proud member of Dance for Parkinson’s Network Canada. Recent studies by neuroscientists and other researchers have found that Dance for PD classes have the potential to be beneficial for people with Parkinson’s Disease. Dance for PD was founded in Brooklyn, NY, by the Mark Morris Dance Group. It developed a format and resources for teaching dance to people with Parkinson’s that has overcome skepticism and has spread internationally to 12 countries. Park’n Dance has developed this program in the Guelph area to enhance the health and quality of life of people with Parkinson’s in our region.

Benefits of the Park’n Dance Program

Recent research studies on Dance for PD classes such as ours have documented potential benefits on many levels. The classes provide opportunity for improvement in balance, coordination, memory, creativity, self-esteem and confidence. The Park’n Dance program promotes self-expression, can enhance plasticity of the brain which may help with memory and problem-solving, and provides opportunity for improving physical control and mental agility. This program also helps overcome isolation by promoting social interaction through an inclusive atmosphere of acceptance that builds a sense of community. An accompanying spouse, friend or support person is welcome to participate in the class at no extra cost. They are also included in the social time with light refreshments that follows each class. Park’n Dance provides an activity that can be enjoyed by both people with PD and their caregivers.

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