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Our Mission

To help Executors administer an estate from start to finish.
Provide a local, “non-bank” Executor option for clients that are looking for a qualified professional for their own estates.

Our Services

Executor Support
Our primary goal is to educate our clients regarding the complexities of Estate Administration, Power of Attorney’s and Executorship. We do this by building one on one relationships and providing hands-on support. We serve Executors across Ontario as their “assistants” by ensuring that every-day Executors receive professional advice and support.

Meet Executor Ready
Choosing the right person to be your Executor is an important task. You want someone who is organized, knowledgeable, and has the
availability to settle your estate. But what if that person doesn't fully understand what is expected of them? This is not a road that you want to travel alone.

Meet Executor Ready, a crash course designed to help you, and your Executor, get ready for the administration of your estate! Our ten-module course is packed with insights and tips to help you handle the executor role with success.

Estate Accounting
All of our estate accounting packages include the preparation of proper court formatted estate accounts, Executor Compensation Calculations, Care & Management Calculations, and a digital version of the finalized statements.

Professional Executor Services
Our Professional Executor Service recognizes the complexities in administering today’s estates. With the majority of Canadians feeling overwhelmed by the idea of being named an Executor, ETP Canada provides an industry-leading non-bank option for Professional Executor Services. We step in to help when you need us most. Our goal is to help our clients leave a legacy for their beneficiaries that isn’t diminished by complications and challenges. Contact us for a quote today!

Our People